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Your best friend is soon to get married and you want to give her the best party of her life. She is really into going to strip clubs, so you decide to hire a private male stripper for her bachelorette party. Depending upon if you live in a smaller town or large city, the availability of a great professional male stripper may be scarce. Keep in mind your budget for what you would like to spend on the male stripper and act accordingly. Also look at preferences that your friend would have towards a male stripper. Does she like dark haired men or blondes? Does she like a taller man or someone shorter? What ethnicity will your male stripper be? And what type of build will he have?

These are all questions to consider when hiring a male stripper for a bachelorette party. You may want to begin by calling strip clubs in the area to see if they have any recommendations. The strip clubs that you or other friends frequent should have great ideas about hiring male strippers. You may also want to ask people that you know who have had male strippers before, to see if they can recommend someone. And believe it or not, male strippers can be found on search engines on the internet. However, if you decide to hire a male stripper for your friends bachelorette party, it will require research and asking probing questions. This article will serve as a guide into what works best when looking for a male stripper for a great bachelorette party.


You will first need to look at your budget to see what you are able to spend when buying a male stripper. If you know someone who does this for a living, then maybe they can do it and help you save out of pocket expenses. Obviously in a larger city, professional male strippers will be more available than finding one in a smaller town. Average pricing for male stripper is between one hundred dollars to two hundred dollars for fifteen minutes, between one hundred fifty dollars to two hundred fifty dollars for thirty minutes and for an hour full on striptease party the price will usually start at two hundred dollars and go as high as five hundred dollars or more depending upon the nature of the party.


Before going out and hiring a male stripper, you will want to know the preference of your friend. What ethnicity would your friend prefer? Does she like blonde haired blue eyed men or is she more favorable to the darker tone man? How tall should your stripper be? Does the stripper need to be a seasoned professional stripper who has been stripping for many years or would your friend be okay with someone just starting to striptease? Finding out the preference of your friend before hiring your male stripper for her bachelorette party will narrow down the search for more favorable odds of finding a male stripper that she will enjoy.